Star Kraft Real Estate Agent Greeley

Star Kraft

My name is Star Kraft, yes, my parents were hippies and I couldn’t resist taking my husband’s last name. I am a Colorado native. I was born in Denver and raised in small mountain communities such as Dome Rock and Carbondale.  I moved to Northern Colorado in 2000, when I attended the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and received a Bachelor’s Degree for teaching in 2004.   I currently use that degree to homeschool my four children. 

During my life I have had the advantage of many types of living situations; everything from teepees, rural homesteads, apartments, to large and small houses.  This has given me the unique ability to connect with all types of home buyers and sellers on a personal level.  I love to explore homes and to help my clients find the home that best suits their needs. 

My real estate agent journey began when my husband and teammate, Dusty Kraft, entered the profession in 2017.   As his business began to grow, so too did my interest in real estate.  In 2020, I decided to pursue my real estate license and the Krafting Home Team was formed.

My goal in life and as a real estate agent is to bring peace to the chaos: to be organized and detail oriented so that the home buying processes goes as smoothly as possible. If you are ready to begin your own real estate journey please contact me so that I can help Kraft Your Next Home Sweet Home.